Persian Cuisine Quick Start – 5 Persian Dishes you need to try

By | January 19, 2019

Persian cuisine is a very unique and tasty type of cuisine that offers an exotic flavour for everyone, so we thought it would be a good idea to go through 5 iconic Persian dishes you need to try, and the ingredients needed to make it!



Kabob, which loosely translates to basically “meat” is an iconic Persian dish that is loved by everybody, with a lot of the popularity coming down to the versatility of it, with it ranging from cheap and tasty street food to a food that only the richest could even think of trying. This pairs well with Doogh, another Persian item we will be discussing, or a soft drink such as coke.

In terms of the ingredients, its fairly simple, with it being just long strips of meat, whether that be lamb, beef or chicken, over a fire served alongside charred tomatoes, rice sprinkled with sumac, a parsley salad and flatbread.


Doogh, which can be toughly translated to “milk” is something that is served with everything savoury, including foods like soups and spaghetti, for people who are not used to the taste, it can be similar in taste for curdled milk to some, but for those with the palettes, it is a nice, savoury/sour yoghurt that goes well with everything!

In terms of the ingredients, it is simply just yoghurt and mint, sometimes with diced cucumber added.

Ghormeh Sabzi

Ghormeh Sabzi, which translates into “stewed greens” may not look great, but it tasted delicious! With it being one of Iran’s most widely eaten stews, and it always having a place on the table at any Persian dinner party!

The ingredients for this food item are Parsley, spinach, leeks, coriander, kidney beans, dried lemons, dried fenugreek leaves, turmeric-seasoned lamb or beef.


Pomegranates were a huge deal in Iran long before Westerners recognized they were Wonderful. The tart flavor from “the fruit of paradise” integrated with tasty spices develops among the most distinctively Persian dishes in the culinary canon– a seasonal Fall and Winter dish that, when mentioned to an Iranian, will right away make them believe you understand far more about their culture than you really do.


Iranians love burnt things. Rice is served together with many meals, but the most sought after rice is tadeeg: the bottom crispy layer that’s a little charred and has actually soaked up much of the caramelized saffron. Iran produces 90% of the world’s saffron, which is frequently said to be as pricey as a “pretty woman’s kiss”– and which you can now pay for with your understanding of Persian food.

As you can see, there are a huge variety of absolutely stunning Persian dishes, we hope you enjoyed this article and know the next food adventure you want to go through!